Water Cooler King: UKAQ AA4400 Fizz Carbonated Water Cooler

UKAQ AA4400 Fizz Carbonated Water Cooler

floor sparkling water cooler UKAQ AA4400 FIZZ CARBONATED

Perfect sparkling water anywhere, anytime.

The UKAQ AA4400 Fizz is the Biz if you want a plumbed in water cooler that offers Ambient, Chilled and Carbonated Drinks Dispensed at the touch of a Button.

With this Carbonated dispenser each individual cup of Carbonated Water is mixed at the point of dispensing. No Pre-Mixing is more hygenic and results in better carbonation levels in the dispensed drink

The lower panel of this unit has spring loaded feet which enables easy access by pressing down on the panel to the lower chamber where the CO2 Canister and water filter reside.

Large Lift Out Drip tray made from High Impact Durable Plastic. Option to connect the drip tray to mains waste.

A CO2 Regulator is supplied with a standard M11X1 Thread which fits easily available one way Food Grade CO2 Cylinders which we can also supply. These are easy to change in a few minutes!

Quiet Air Cooled Static Condenser no noisy fan.

The Cooling System is a 3 litre Tank Thermostatically controlled to 4-12c

Dimensions Height 1135mm   Width 340mm, Depth 340mm, Weight 18kg



Good idea to buy Water Cooler Install Kit also

Shipping to UK Mainland Included Price: £549.00 plus VAT (£658.80)





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