Water Cooler King: Arctic Star Water Cooler

Arctic Star Water Cooler

The Arctic Star has been cleverly thought out to both have functionality and a stylish appearance. By combining known reliable components this unit is destined to become a  classic in the water cooler world.   Features-

Modern (No Electronics!) manual push button dispensing

Very reliable                                                                                                                                                                                             

Light blue splash back and drip tray grill.

Good dispensing height for jugs and  bottles (Dispensing height of 166.3mm)


The Hot & Cold Cooler version has a Boost Button for extra hot water and ECO mode to save electricity when the unit is not in use.


POU floor standing

Height  1135

Width 340 x

Depth 340

Weight 18 kg


Shipping to UK Mainland Included ( NOT HIGHLANDS ) Cold & Ambient 

Price: £289.96-  plus £57.99  VAT ( TOTAL – £347.95)       




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