Water Cooler for Your Club or Pub may reduce risk of antisocial behaviour

Water Cooler for Your Club or Pub may reduce risk of antisocial behaviour

Reduce Risks for Your Business and Your Customers with a Water Cooler for Your Club or Pub

Most owners of pubs and clubs are only too well aware of the problems that can arise when patrons take things too far and indulge in that one drink too many. Over indulgence in alcohol not only put the health of patrons at risk but can also pose risks for your business, as it could mean the start of fights or other problems inside your establishment or even criminal damage caused to your commercial property.

In addition to this, revellers drinking too much in pubs and clubs often cause problems outside of the establishment, causing problems and damage elsewhere and even committing more serious crimes in some cases. As the owner of this type of establishment, you could do your bit to aid the health of your customers, reduce problems for your business, and cut crime simply by installing a water cooler to discourage people from over-indulging in alcoholic drinks.

How it can help?

In some areas of the UK, drinking venues have already started using this method in a bid to reduce drunkenness and the antisocial behaviour as well as the health risks that come with it. By installing a water cooler somewhere away from the bar, the owners have managed to encourage patrons to resist the temptation to keep buying alcohol and instead enjoy a free cold glass of water straight from the cooler.

Not only does this help to stop patrons from getting too drunk but it can help those who have already had one too many to sober up a little and calm down as well as to rehydrate themselves. Some landlords have stated that patrons who have access to water cooler facilities often have a glass of water alongside their alcoholic drink, which also helps to reduce the level of alcohol consumption and cuts the risk of patrons becoming inebriated.

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