Water Cooler King: Plumbed in Water Coolers Why ?

Plumbed in Water Coolers Why ?

Plumbed in Water Coolers Why ?



All the experts agree: Plumbed in water coolers

that are mains fed by a connection to your normal main water supply are the best option. But, does a plumbed-in water cooler sound ominous? Does it summon up images of expensive plumbers ripping off your skirting boards, welding and soldering, dirtying your carpets and making irreversible changes to your home or workplace?


Don’t panic. Installation is quick, clean and easy, in nearly nine out of ten situations.  Very few properties (only around 15%) are not suitable for a mains-fed water cooler system. Plumbing in a water cooler isn’t a big deal. We’re not talking about installing a shower. It’s only a bit more complicated than attaching a washing machine hose or hooking up a dishwasher. Here at Water Cooler King you can buy a DIY premium kit water cooler instalation kit or a basic instalation kit according to your needs and budget. 


You may be thinking that it sounds a bit too permanent. After all, a freestanding water cooler that uses bottled water is a flexible solution. You can move it around if you rearrange the office. If you move premises, you can pick it up, pack it and relocate with the minimum of effort.


In fact, plumbed-in water coolers are almost as simple to disconnect and reconnect. Minor inconveniences, that might not even happen anyway, shouldn’t put you off. They are also low maintenance, when looked after, and won’t demand any more of your precious time. The reality is that plumbed in water coolers are the way to go if you want to save money and supply high quality water to your office or home.


Unless there’s a massive drought, which is highly unlikely here in the UK, a plumbed-in water cooler has the advantage of always being online. There’s no messing around with huge, heavy bottles of water, or places to store them till you need them. A constant supply of clean, fresh water is as simple as flicking a switch – or should that be turning on a tap?


It may be true that the ordinary old H20 that comes out of the tap isn’t very glamorous. It doesn’t have the mystique of water naturally filtered through volcanic rock or infused with life-enhancing mineral traces. That doesn’t mean that tap water won’t taste just fine and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s somehow less healthy for you.


UK tap water is clean and cheap. Not only do suppliers have legal responsibilities to make sure that our tap water is of a high standard, but quality levels are monitored by an independent body. For a fraction of the price of bottled water you can have almost the same thing in your water cooler system. You’d have to have a very highly developed palate to taste the difference.


If you’re in any doubt, make sure you get a plumbed in water cooler that has an additional, in-built filter system.  Carbon filters make sure there aren’t any unwanted physical or chemical extras in your drinking water, and will neutralise and eliminate any lingering smells, like chlorine. Plain and pure – that’s the kind of water that a plumbed in water cooler can provide you with. After all, that’s the hallmark of ‘good’ water – there’s nothing added, and anything even vaguely nasty has been effectively removed.


Plumbed-in water coolers tick all the boxes. They are economical to run and deliver a dependable supply that you don’t have to order or track. If you have any remaining doubts about going for a plumbed in water cooler, think green. The boffins all agree that this option is more environmentally friendly than those bulky plastic bottles.


Ask the experts on plumbed in water coolers for all the details and the benefits that a mains-fed systems can offer. This is the simple and intelligent choice for a refreshed and refreshing workplace.





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