Water Cooler King: Choosing an Office Water Cooler

Choosing an Office Water Cooler

Choosing an Office Water Cooler


No office can run smoothly if the staff members who make it tick are dehydrated and shrivelling under pressure. Cool, fresh water is the healthy alternative to endless cups of tea and coffee. For sedentary workers, a long glass of refreshing water is the best way to recharge during the day.


As an employer you also have to take on board the Health and Safety Executive’s rules on this. Here’s what they say. You have to provide drinking water that is:


               ‘Free from contamination and is preferably from the public water supply.’


               ‘Easily accessible by all employees’.


You also have to make sure that there are:


               ‘Adequate supplies taking into consideration the temperature of the working environment and types of work activity.’


               ‘Cups or a drinking fountain are provided.’ Buying in bottles is okay, but note the spec that ‘bottled water dispensers are acceptable as a secondary supply.’


If you’re sighing and shaking your head about all the red tape that you have to deal with, you can relax. Don’t sweat – after all, that’s a waste of water, and water is precious stuff. You can easily comply with employee welfare rules and regulations with a water cooler system. Our watchword is this: it’s refreshingly simple.


In fact, the most difficult thing you’ll have to deal with is making the right choice. You have plenty of options when it comes to selecting an office water cooler, so really it’s primarily a matter of equipping yourself with the info on what is most suitable for your workplace. We will spend as much time as you need advising you and answering all of your questions about the models available. The more you know about what’s possible, the easier the ultimate decision will be. 


Here’s how to start in your quest to find the ideal office water cooler for you. Go through this basic checklist:


1.     Do you want to rent your office water cooler? Or are you looking to buy one – or more, if you need them? You’ll need to calculate this, so on to key question 2…


2.     How many people’s thirst are you seeking to satisfy?



3.     How much water does your staff need? Are they running around, doing really thirsty work? How hot is your workplace space? Is the aircon drying them out and turning them into jerky?


4.     Do you want an office water-cooler that’s plumbed in? Do you want a mains fed cooler? Or do you want deliveries of bottled water, including specially sourced mineral waters (bearing in mind that this may qualify as a ‘secondary supply’)?


5.     What are your space and architectural constraints? Do you want a freestanding model, in an accessible public space in your office? Or do you want an office water cooler that can be placed on or beneath a counter top – perhaps in the office kitchen or tea room, or in a corner of the office?


6.     In practical terms, what’s possible and what’s the easiest for your circumstances? It’s easy to install plumbed-in office water coolers, but you will need to take a look at your premises and do a bit of forward thinking.


7.     Which office water cooler is the most cost-effective choice for your budget?  


8.     Do you want hot water as well as cold? Some models will give you both, but be aware that no water cooler will give you plenty of boiling water good enough to make tea! If you want the latter we can recomend our instanta 1500LCD Water Boiler


9.     Are you willing to pay a little extra for elegant design and colour coordination, or is functionality your number one priority?


Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll be able to narrow down what choice to make, leaving yourself with a defined range to select from. Take a look at the office water coolers we supply to see what catches your eye. Weigh up the pros and cons of the different models we have to offer you, and if you have any questions remaining, ask us for expert input.





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