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Water Cooler company Azure to rebrand to Borg & Overström

UK Water cooler company Azure will be rebranding in late 2014 to the name currently associated with its known coolers Borg & Overström . The move is hoped to help the organisation develop good relationship with distributors enhancing some leading proven products supported by the new encompassing brand prominence.

The aim is to make “Borg & Overström a unique refreshment experience, an emotive journey that we can share together as we move into the future.”

Can a Water Cooler help to Fight Obesity in the Workplace?

Can a Water Cooler help to Fight Obesity in the Workplace?

Obesity amongst both children and adults is something that has become an increasing problem both in the UK and in some other countries around the world over the years. With more and more of us eating processed and junk foods, finding little time to exercise, and sitting at desks all day long typing away at computers, it is little wonder that our health has suffered, which includes our weight.

With obesity comes a wide range of other health problems, and in some cases these health problems can prove serious or even fatal. It is vital for individuals, employers and the government to take action to try and reduce obesity levels, and for employers, one simple step that could make its mark is the installation of a water cooler in the workplace.

Ways in which a water cooler can help

There are a number of ways in which having a water cooler installed in the workplace could help to fight weight gain and obesity, which in turn can help to aid the good health of your employees and even reduce the amount of sick time that they have, which will benefit your business as well as your employees. This includes:

  • Helping them to feel full for longer: As nutritionists will tell you, drinking water can help you to feel full for longer, which means that your employees are less likely to experience hunger pangs at inappropriate times and reach for sugary snacks. This can help to reduce their fat and calorie intake and can help them with weight loss.
  • Reducing the need to indulge in sugary drinks: Many employees probably drink a few sugary drinks over the course of each day, which can impact on their dental health as well as their general health and weight. Providing them with access to fresh water means that they are less likely to turn to sugary drinks, as they can reach for fresh chilled water whenever they are thirsty.
  • Increasing energy levels: Drinking water can help to increase energy levels, which means that your employees are more likely to be active even after they finish work. This can also help them to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

While there are many other things that have to be taken into consideration in the fight against obesity, drinking plenty of fresh water is definitely an important part of the overall strategy to reduce obesity levels.

Water Cooler for Your Club or Pub may reduce risk of antisocial behaviour

Reduce Risks for Your Business and Your Customers with a Water Cooler for Your Club or Pub

Most owners of pubs and clubs are only too well aware of the problems that can arise when patrons take things too far and indulge in that one drink too many. Over indulgence in alcohol not only put the health of patrons at risk but can also pose risks for your business, as it could mean the start of fights or other problems inside your establishment or even criminal damage caused to your commercial property.

In addition to this, revellers drinking too much in pubs and clubs often cause problems outside of the establishment, causing problems and damage elsewhere and even committing more serious crimes in some cases. As the owner of this type of establishment, you could do your bit to aid the health of your customers, reduce problems for your business, and cut crime simply by installing a water cooler to discourage people from over-indulging in alcoholic drinks.

How it can help?

In some areas of the UK, drinking venues have already started using this method in a bid to reduce drunkenness and the antisocial behaviour as well as the health risks that come with it. By installing a water cooler somewhere away from the bar, the owners have managed to encourage patrons to resist the temptation to keep buying alcohol and instead enjoy a free cold glass of water straight from the cooler.

Not only does this help to stop patrons from getting too drunk but it can help those who have already had one too many to sober up a little and calm down as well as to rehydrate themselves. Some landlords have stated that patrons who have access to water cooler facilities often have a glass of water alongside their alcoholic drink, which also helps to reduce the level of alcohol consumption and cuts the risk of patrons becoming inebriated.

Get Your Workplace Ready for the Summer

While it may seem like summer is still a long way off as we attempt to avoid the winter chill that still surrounds us, we all know that time can pass pretty quickly and before we know it the temperatures will be soaring once again. While the summers in Britain are nowhere near as hot as many other countries, it can still get very warm and particularly in workplaces where there are a number of employees all working in one office or area.

In order to ensure that your employees are able to work properly and efficiently during the warmer weather, it is important that you get your office ready for the summer. There are various things you will need to check and consider as the warmer weather gets closer in order to ensure you create a comfortable environment for those who are office based and have to spend all of the working day indoors.

Some of the things to do in the run up to summer

In the run up to summer, there are various things that you will need to look at in order to make sure your employees are able to work in a comfortable environment. Some of the keys points to look at include:

  • Checking window locks/access: During the warmer weather it is important for office based employees to be able to ventilate the room they are working in. With this in mind, make sure that there is easy access to windows in all of the offices that are used by staff. Also, make sure window locks work effectively and that keys are available for staff to unlock windows if applicable.
  • Air conditioning check: If you have air conditioning at your place of work, make sure you get it checked by professional so that you know it is in good working order ready for when employees will need it to be on.
  • Fans for offices: If you do not have air conditioning, it is worth either investing in it or at least purchasing a number of oscillating fans for the offices in your building so that there is something available to help cool the air.
  • Get a water cooler: In order to provide employees with fresh cold water throughout the day, it is worth investing in a water cooler for the office. This will enable your employees to enjoy a cold drink to keep themselves hydrated.


These are just some of the steps that will help to make your office or commercial building more comfortable for your workforce once summer finally arrives.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Your Office Water Cooler

Factors to Consider when Choosing Your Office Water Cooler

Buying water cooler for the office is an excellent investment, as it not only provides your employees with refreshing, healthy water to drink whenever they want it but it also minimises on them reaching for sugary drinks, which can ultimately impact on their health and focus. Instead, your employees can enjoy access to fresh water, which in turn can help to keep them alert and boost their focus levels as well as boosting their health.

Once thing you will need to decide if you’re making this type of investment is which water cooler you should buy. There are many different models and types on the market these days with something to suit most needs and budgets. By taking a few key factors into consideration, you should find it easier to determine which model is going to be best suited to your needs and those of your company.

Some key considerations

There are several key considerations that you will need to take into account when you are looking for a suitable water cooler for your office. This includes:

  • The space you have available: It is important to decide where you plan to put the water cooler, as this will determine how much space you have available. The water cooler needs to be easily accessible so don’t select a tiny space where people won’t actually be able to use it without causing disruption to others. Check how much room you have and then look at the models that are going to fit comfortably into that space. We would suggest always fo for a free standing unit if posible as desk tops take up valuable kitchen space.
  • The number of employees you have: Another thing to look at is how many employees you have who will be using the water cooler. If you only have a few members of staff you may find that a smaller model, such as a table top cooler, will be fine. If you run a large office you should consider a larger free standing one or even a plumbed in cooler.
  • What you can afford to spend: Cost is a key consideration for most businesses these days, so you also need to look at how much you can afford to spend on your cooler. This will enable you to look at models that fall within your budget.


By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can more easily determine which water cooler will be best suited to your needs.

Cutting Back on Water Wastage in the Workplace Kitchen

Cutting Back on Water Wastage in the Workplace Kitchen

Going green is something that many people and businesses have become interested in over recent years, as more and more of us have become aware of the environmental impact that our lifestyles and other factors have had on the planet. One thing that most of us have become more educated about is the need to cut back on wasting resources such as energy or water yet most of us do it on a daily basis without even realising.

If you have a kitchen at your place of business the chances are that a lot of water is being wasted on a daily basis, particularly if you have a lot of staff members using these facilities. People tend to leave the tap running for all sorts of reasons, from getting distracted while chatting to colleagues through to keeping the tap running in order to get the water colder as it runs through the system. All of these little things can have a big impact on water wastage in the workplace, so it is well worth educating your staff in order to do your bit for the environment.

Some tips to avoid wasting water

There are a number of ways in which you can help reduce water wastage in the kitchen at your business premises. Some of these include:

  • Don’t overfill the kettle: Many people are guilty of overfilling the kettle when all they want to make is one drink. Educate staff and encourage them to only fill the kettle as much as they need to in order to cater for the number of drinks they are making at the time.
  • Don’t leave the tap running in order to get colder water: Most people like to have their water nice and cold, and as a result many have got into the habit of running the tap until the water starts to get colder. In order to avoid this you could invest in something such as a water cooler for your office and this will help to reduce wastage.
  • Don’t leave the tap running while washing up: If you have facilities where staff can warm up or make their own food at lunchtime, put a bowl or plug in the sink for them to use. This will stop them from leaving the tap running when they are washing up, therefore reducing wastage.
  • Get dripping taps addressed quickly: If the taps in your workplace kitchen have started to dripping get the washers changed or get your maintenance contractors to take a look so that they can be addressed as quickly as possible.

All of these provide valuable ways in which you can help your employees to cut back on water wastage and enable your business to contribute to the green cause.

Why Go Online to Purchase Your Water Cooler?

Why Go Online to Purchase Your Water Cooler?

Many businesses these days decide to invest in a water cooler so that their employees or perhaps visitors to the office can enjoy a nice, chilled glass of water with ease and convenience. There is plenty of choice available when it comes to these systems, with something to suit all sizes of business and a wide range of budgets.

For a huge number of businesses, the most convenient and efficient way to purchase this type of product for the office or workplace is to go online. This provides companies with a range of valuable benefits ranging from convenience through to money saving benefits.

The main benefits of getting your water cooler online

There are a number of great benefits that you will be able to enjoy when you head online to buy a water cooler for your business, so if you are looking to make this type of investment the Internet is a great place to start. Some of the main benefits that you will enjoy include:

  • Saving time: If you are running or managing a business, or even if you are an employee that has been tasked with sourcing and purchasing a water cooler for the office, you can save yourself a lot of time by going online to make your purchase. You won’t have to traipse from place to place looking at prices or waiting in queues. As every business knows, time is money so this is a great way of saving yourself valuable time.
  • Total convenience: Businesses can benefit from total convenience when heading online to find and purchase a cooler. You can browse from the comfort and privacy of your own office and then make your purchase quickly and conveniently with the click of a button.
  • Excellent choice: When you go online to buy your water cooler you will find plenty of choice available, with a range of models and makes to suit all types and sizes of business. You can therefore find the perfect one for your needs with minimal hassle.
  • Value for money: By cutting out the middle man and buying directly on the internet, you can also save your business some money with some great value deals available.

All of these are key reasons why getting a water cooler for your business online is the most beneficial option.

Why Encourage Your Employees to Drink More Water

As the owner of a business or office manager, the health of your employees should be important for a number of reasons. Of course, you want to look out for the wellbeing of those who work for you and want them to be in good health for their own quality of life. However, another reason is that businesses lose huge amounts of money through the ill health of employees every year, and by encouraging staff to drink more water you could actually help to boost their health and prevent problems such as migraines and headaches, which can occur as the result of dehydration.

Like many other offices and business, you probably have employees that are constantly reaching for fizzy drinks, which can have an adverse effect on their health in many ways from spikes and drops in energy levels to causing dental issues. Water, on the other hand, helps to keep the immune system health, helps the digestive system and can help to rehydrate the body and skin. In addition, it can provide a boost in energy and help to keep people more alert and focused.

Another consideration if you supply drinks such as tea and coffee free of charge to your employees is that water works out much cheaper. You will find that if you provide the necessary facilities, such as a water cooler, more employees will reach for a cold drink to refresh themselves rather than heading off to make themselves hot drinks. This can save you both time and money.

Why invest in a water cooler?

There are many people who don’t like to drink water from the tap but providing your employees with bottled water would work out to be very costly. What’s the alternative? Well, investing in a water cooler for your office could provide a very cost effective solution. Not only would it enable your employees to access fresh, cold water with ease and convenience but it would save your business money. This is also a great way to encourage your employees to drink more water rather than turning to alternatives.

With a wide range of water cooler makes and models to select from, finding one that is perfectly suited to your work environment won’t be an issue. You can look at table top coolers or small free standing ones for offices with fewer employees or look at larger free standing coolers and plumbed in ones for larger offices. You can also get some very good deals on these coolers, so aiding the health of your staff won’t break the bank.

Carbonated Water Coolers Are all the Fizz

Carbonated Water Coolers Are all the Fizz


It seems increasingly common for people to want a little extra sparkle in their life, this has not gone unnoticed in the magical world of water coolers! Dispensers that offer sparkling water as an option are gaining in popularity and with the convenience of fizzy water at the touch of a button you can see why. Whilst there have been a number of units available from various manufactures for some while two stand out models are the Elite now Called B3 ) and the UKAQ AA44OO Fizz . Both units offer the options for cold /ambient/ sparkling water and both have an option for Hot and Chilled Sparkling Water. Here at Water cooler king we offer both at great prices and quick delivery.


Creating the Ideal Office Space

Creating the Ideal Office Space

Given the amount of time that most people spend at the office each day, it is vital to make sure that the office space is fit for purpose, comfortable and functional. There are various things that you need to think about in order to ensure that you get it just right when it comes to creating the ideal office area for yourself as well as for your workforce.

By creating the right environment and you can help to enhance the safety and wellbeing of your employees as well as ensuring that they are more comfortable in the workplace. This is something that can help to increase moral and reduce the risk of injuries and illness, which means not only healthier employees but also less sick time and a higher level of productivity when it comes to your business.

Some important considerations to create the ideal space

There are a number of points you need to think about when creating the ideal office space for you and your workforce. This includes:

  • Furniture: You should make sure that you invest in ergonomic furniture for the office, as this can help to not only ensure your employees are comfortable whilst working but will also reduce the risk of issues such as back problems stemming from being seated for many hours in day.
  • Hydration: It can get very hot and stuffy when a lot of people are working in the same office. Investing in a water cooler will ensure that your workforce can rehydrate themselves and give themselves an energy boost with fresh cold water whenever they need it.
  • Suitable lighting: It is important to ensure that the lighting in the office is suitable for workers, particularly if they are on computers all day long. Make sure that all desks have adequate lighting but that they are not in a position where they are dazzled and blinded due to the location of the lights.

Another thing you need to do is ensure that the computer monitors that you and your staff use are at the right settings in terms of brightness and that they have anti-glare screens to reduce the pressure on the eyes.

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