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Water Cooler King your shop for hot and cold water dispensers for offices and homes

Mini Water Coolers

Mini Water Coolers

Free Standing Water Coolers for offices and home

Free Standing Water Coolers

Water Cooler Filters for offices and home

Water Cooler Filters

Water Cooler Filters for offices and home

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Water Cooler Spares

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Bottled Water Coolers


Water Cooler King is dedicated to offering water cooler products at competitive prices. As we are exclusively internet based we keep our costs low and pass these on to you. That said there are real people behind the website and we want to make sure that you get the products you need so if you are in any doubt please email us and we will do our best to respond promptly.

Our product range includes products from Manufacturers including , Borg and Overstrom, ACIS, Winx, AA First  and Instanta we will look to add more range in time but we will never sell products that we do not believe are value for money! You may find cheaper water coolers or product elsewhere but you will most likely get what you pay for.

Products include:- Water coolers, water cooler filters, water boilers, water cooler taps, sanitisation fluid, carbon block filters, pressure reduction valves, water cooler installation kits .

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